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11 Weird Hotels You Never Knew Existed

Travelling is so much fun and of course, visiting a completely new place and exploring it is exciting. Well, when you travel you would also need a proper accommodation and it carries great impact on your adventure. Sometimes, your accommodation itself is an adventure and the place you choose to stay is the point why you have opted to make this journey. Here, are few of the weirdest and coolest hotels on the planet where you would like to stay once in a lifetime.

1. Solent Forts (No Man’s Fort and Spit bank Sea Fort)

Solent Fort

Solent Fort is located off the south coast of England and it was built in 1867 to repel the French navy. This fort is today traveler’s sight of attraction. The travelers can stay here and enjoy quiet and peace with the saunas, plunge pools and wine-tasting rooms.