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15 Perfect Destinations For Young Couples

Ah, young love. There is nothing quite like being young, in love, and traveling the world. Young lovers often feel unstoppable, as though the world is at their feet. It is fitting then, that young couples travel to the destinations perfectly fitting to their romantic adventures. A lot of destinations around the world are full of love and passion, and it’s a good idea to travel in pairs to achieve maximum fulfillment.

While some young couples are looking for adventurous and thrilling escapades to endure together, others may prefer a low-key and intimate environments for star-gazing and hand-holding. Either way, there are global destinations for every flavor of relationship. Here is a list of 15 destinations that will have you scrambling for passports and heading out the door.

1. Paris, France


Paris, France is on a lot of couples’ bucket lists. It is the traditional harbor for lovers around the world, those who want to snap a picture under the iconic Eiffel Tower. Paris is ideal for any couple looking to celebrate their love together.

2. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Costa Rica in the jungly haven that is perfect for exploring and creating new memories. Get outdoorsy with your partner and check out the zip-lining or hiking trails. Or, lather in sunscreen and spend entire days on the shore. Whatever floats your boat.

3. San Camp, Botswana


What better way to take your relationship to the next level than staying in a safari camp in the middle of Africa? For the truly wild couple with no boundaries, this is the place to be. Make sure you save time to cruise the Okavango Delta, too.

4. Kerala, India


This charmingly exotic town in southern India is guaranteed to leave the two of you with unique and colorful memories. For couples that want something a little different than your typical couples getaway, this is the spot. Check out the swampy backwaters and indulge in elaborate and spicy Indian meals.

5. Los Cabos, Mexico


For some couples, it’s not a vacation unless there’s an alcoholic-something in hand at all times. For those who just want to get their buzz on seaside or poolside, Los Cabos is where the fiesta is at. Book a room at an all-inclusive resort so that everything is made easy and you can focus on having fun together.

6. Bali, Indonesia


For the young couples seeking a spiritual, rejuvenating, and kicked-back vacation together, book your tickets to Bali. Enjoy live music on the wide-open beach, take a Acro Yoga class together at one of the many studios, or sip fresh squeezed vegetable juice while watching the sunset.

7. Istanbul, Turkey


Travel to Istanbul if you’re looking for the all-out, sensory-overloading culture trip. Roam through churches, mosques, and markets together. Take in all of the scents, sample the eclectic foods, and admire the diverse art scattered across this melting pot.

8. Fez, Morocco 


Fez is ideal for couples that want to get lost together. Vacationing in Fez is like landing in another world, full of bright, patterned colors, catchy Moroccan beats, and charming little alleyways. This city is romantic in its unabashed authenticity, and will be a surprising delight for the young couple.

9. Las Vegas, Nevada


Hey, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Every once in a while, one has to get a taste of Sin City. Save your dollars and head to Vegas to gamble them all away. Drink like sailors,  dine like a King with her Queen, and forget about the real world for a while.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark


Home to the best restaurant in the world, highways for bicycles, and taxis with WiFi, Copenhagen is simply a miraculous place to be. The city is romantic in its seaside atmosphere, and offers a little bit of everything. This is the destination for those seeking a chic urban experience.

11. Florence, Italy


Florence might just be the most romantic city on the planet Earth. For those couples interested in extreme romance, it has to be Florence. Visit the local market together and bike around the city. Sip on Tuscan wines. Put a lock on the Ponte Vecchio bridge to symbolize your love.

12. Sydney, Australia


Sydney is a pulsing city with interesting food, art, and entertainment scenes. Foodie and hipster couples will love exploring Sydney together. Interact with friendly Aussies and leisurely wander your way through this hip city.

13. Ibiza, Spain


This island is bursting at the seems with energy and things to do. This vacations spot is perfect for the couple that likes to stay on-the-go around the clock. Ibiza has infamous nightlife and beaches, so you will be guaranteed a blast together.

14. Rome, Italy


Rome is the perfect place to be for the shameless tourists everybody wants to become. Sign up for as many tours as you can, hit some museums, and cross items of the bucket list together while having your second gelato of the day. Maybe take a few classes and flatter each other in Italian.

15. Greek Islands, Greece


Everything about the Greek Islands is romantic. From the food to the views to the sexy parties, Greece is the destination for couples that want a little bit of everything from their getaway. There is a Greek island that appeals to every vacationer, so take the time to research beforehand.