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12 Secret Facts You Did Not Know About The Flight Stewards

Flying can be a great experience for some and for few it may be a phobia. Whenever you are flying, you are assisted by beautiful flight attendants; they help you to have a comfortable journey in the plane. But there are few secrets that you are not aware of. Here are some of the hidden secrets of flight attendants which you will wish you had known before.

1. You may be earning more than flight attendants

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The flight attendants job is determined by various myths; the most pervasive is that they are getting rich overtime. There is nothing that is further from the truth. The flight attendants are paid for the time they spend in flight. The starting salary for flight attendants is about $16000 and on average salaries is around $37000.

2. Tip or no tip

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The Association of Flight Attendants and the airlines discourage tipping. So if you tip the flight attendant they will turn it down. But if offered second time into his or her hand it may be greatly appreciated.

When you have received truly an extraordinary service, then you can mail or letter to the airlines appreciating the work of that specific flight attendant which can help the flight attendant’s career.

3. The call buttons

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Calls buttons are the most efficient way to say ‘hate me’. Flight attendants just hate it. Basically you should never press it. Some passengers use the call button as a means to get food and drinks or to take off the trash quickly when the flight attendants are serving other passengers or to know when the boxed lunch is available for purchase.

The flight attendants will be passing by your seat for every 10-15 minutes and that time you can ask for assistance.

4. Flight Attendants are not diaper genie

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Parents must keep in mind that flight attendants are not there just to help you with your baby’s diaper. Do not hand over your folded-up diaper every time to flight attendants as if they can make it vanish.

Instead, travel with Ziploc bags that can hold all your little ones expulsions and pass it off when the crew is ready to make one of the frequent trash collection rounds.

5. Keep your feet off the walls

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Do not keep your feet on the walls if you are in a bulkhead seat. It’s not just a nuisance for flight attendants and pilots but it may be extremely dangerous for you during turbulent landings and takeoffs.

6. Always smile

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It is really hard to keep smiling always in our work place but the flight attendants are supposed to be smiling, friendly and have the job responsibility. Before the flight attendants start working with the public, they undergo comprehensive training and carefully screened during the hiring process.

The Flight attendants must smile, keep eye contact and address the passengers with friendly gestures.

7. Special occasion, Spread the love!

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If you are flying on a special occasion like honeymoon or anniversaries, the flight attendants can help you make it little special. They may wish you over the PA system or do their best to accommodate a cockpit visit when you are with children on a special occasion and the plane has landed.

8. Get paid when the plane door are shut

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In spite of all the hard work at check in and helping you with oversize bags into the overhead lockers, flight attendants are officially paid only when the plane doors are closed. If the flight is delayed or cancelled, they will receive only a minimal expense allowance of 1 pound an hour.

9. Must be of certain height and size

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The flight attendants must conform to height and weight restrictions in the interest of safety. They must be able to fit in the jump seats for starters and they must be tall enough to reach the overhead lockers. Well, they can’t be too tall as they might bump their head on the ceiling.

10. Self defense training

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Flight attendants might be there to serve but do not try to mess with them. Male and female attendants are now required to undergo self-defence training, in which they practice sparring, punching and kicking dummies. So they are prepared to deal with any serious security threats, if someone tries to take over the plane.

11. The headphones are far from new

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The headphone which you find waiting on your seats are actually far from new. These headphones are collected from you at the end of the journey and they are quick dusted, cleaned and neatly wrapped for the next flight.

This is done to decrease the expense of the airlines spent on brand new headphones. This is one of the bottom lines by which any airline is making money.

12. Do not use electronic devices, but they do

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You are always ordered to turn off all your electronic gadgets but the flight attendants do use them when they are hidden from the view. If you get to see them in the act don’t worry, the flight won’t go down, it will just cause a minor radio interference which may be annoying to the pilot.