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Top 15 Countries That Are Amazingly Cheap For Budget Travellers

Who doesn’t like to travel? But we all don’t want to go bankrupt by travelling. Like the famous saying goes, “If travelling was free, you will never see me again”. However we can’t travel for free, but we can find countries where its very cheap for most of the western travellers, so that you can have an extended holiday or travel as many places as you like.

Planning out your budget is an essential part, but if you follow these steps and choose these 15 countries for your travel, then your Dollar will last long and you can even have a luxurious holiday for a fraction of the cost.
Even though it is cheap, these places are exotic and perfectly suited for backpackers and budget friendly travellers.
So here are 15 countries for the Budget traveller

1. Vietnam

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Vietnam is an exotic country known for its sunny beaches, inland rivers and it is rightly a tropical paradise which is not much explored. Cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City leaves behind a stunning French Colonial marks and Iconic structures. Getting to Vietnam is cheap from both US and Western Europe. Travelling is quite cheap as good quality hotels, food and transportation are quite cheap. You can comfortably manage to live under $50 a day.